Saturday, October 25, 2014

Blog Post # 10

In Mrs. Cassidy interview, she talked about how technology is a big part in her classroom. She started using technology in the classroom about ten years ago, she started small with using different websites and it has expanded now into blogging. She stated that she like to use blogs because it  help her students improve their writing skills. The students like blogging as well because they can share their writing with people all over the world and have different students comment on their writing. Mrs Cassidy said that the world has change and with the world changing technology is not going anywhere. There are a lot of ways that you can bring technology in the classroom such as; podcast, audio record, websites, etc. So as upcoming educators they need to be more technology literate and lean new approaches to reach the students.

For my classroom, I think of using blogging. I would use this because I agree with Mrs Cassidy, that it will improve students writing. It will help them become a better  writer by allow other students to comment on their blog and it will also teach them how to respect others and not say hurtful things to each other.It will also allow the parents to see how their child are doing academically.

In the last interview some of Edm310 students asked Mrs. Cassidy questions. She gave them feedback on how each child should have different account. One for school and one for personal use, for the use of privacy. She Stated that the students should not use their last name nor use pictures with them in it. Mrs. Cassidy also puts safe sites on the class blog for the students to search, to keep them safe and not use dangerous sites.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blog Post # 9

       What can teachers and students teach us about project based learning? Well in Tony Vincent  video, I learned that students are looking for projects that has them working for an extended amount of time and driving questions that has each student engaged. When you give assignments and projects to the students it helps them with communication skills, critical thinking and career life learning experience. Allow the students to take charge and try not to limit them to certain things. When reading Seven Essentials for Project Based Learning  it says that "Schoolwork is more meaningful when it's not done only for the teacher or the test. When students present their work to a real audience, they care more about its quality. ”this statement is true because if the students know that he/ she will be getting in front of an audience than they will try to do their best rather than doing the minimum for the teacher.  I also learned that students would like to be rewarded and recognized when they have done something good just like in the video  the students explained different ways their teacher rewarded them for doing something outstanding or for just being good for the day. As their teacher when you reward your students it tells them that you care about them and their work. Project based learning is a great way for students to learn. They are eager to work and to present. When using project based learning students are motivated to learn and can make choices and their voices are heard. 

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Special Assignment

I rely on my smart phone for everything and it is a big part of my life. If I do not have my phone I am lost without it. I use my phone mostly for texting and talking. Occasionally I use it for directions and checking emails. I can remember when I got my first phone at 14 and it had a camera on it and that was the big thing back then and that was 7 years ago. Now day’s children have cell phones at the age of 6 and it has a camera and other types of gadgets on it. Technology is big part in our lives and it is going to continue to grow every day.
                In the data provided, it shows that half of the world have a smartphone and use them every day for pictures, emailing, texting, etc. So this means that technology is not going anywhere any time soon

  As an upcoming educator, I believe that the schools should allow the students to use their cell phones while in school. Because cell phones are the future and with the use of them they can use apps, video, search the web and complete the assigned work in class if have they have time rather than waiting until they get home to complete the work. Technology is on the rise and is it a positive thing that will make learning better and more exciting for the children.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blog Post # 8

In the video What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning From Randy Pausch? Randy talks about how he was diagnosed with cancer and he also talks about some of his childhood dreams, like football and becoming a Disney worker . When he did not fulfill his dream as becoming a worker for Disney, he became a teacher. Throughout the video Randy makes good points about teaching and learning. Randy says that teaching is important and and he started teaching to help other with their dreams.

 I loved watching this video, after watching this i feel that I can do anything I set my mind to even if some of my dreams are hard to reach. Randy Pausch is a good motivator and teacher.

Group Project

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Group Project # 13





Post # 7

In this video I learned how to make a QR code. This is a tool for reading, and it helps the children become more fluent with reading. It helps them by recording there voice so they go back and listen to the recording. After you have recorded and saved your work you have to go to another site called QR monkey to put the saved URL in and it will create a QR code for you. The Qr code can be showed and scanned to anyone so they can hear the students read, especially the parents.

In this Video, I have learned that poplet is used to put students’ main ideas from a book they are reading in this app. With this app the students are allowed to take pictures and type text they want next to the picture. The goal for this app is to help them summarize books and help them with reading.

This video was about how a technology device changes everything. When you give children a device and they know only a little about it they are willing to learn more about it and tell/ show someone about it. As the children sped more and more time with technology devices they get experienced with them and learn thing the teacher did not show them; with technology everyone learns.

After watching all of these videos it shows that I have a lot to learn before becoming a teacher. Some of my strengths are; I am very patient, I love children, I connect with them very well and I love to see the children engaged with the lesson so I feel that I can create good activities. Some of my weaknesses are; I am not all in about technology, time management and lesson planning. I know that teaching will be hard work and I plan on getting practice with my weaknesses soon, so I can be a good teacher one day. 


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Blog post # 6

PBL part one
In the video Anthony Capps says that teachers need to create a project that meets all requirements, that was taught in the previous lesson to make sure the students have learned. He also says PBL helps the children NEED to know about the lesson to perform on the project: Ex- Capps  3rd grade class wrote letter to Congressman Bonner, each student was excited because they knew family and friends in the military and that made it easier to write their paper.  Capps also said that every project planned will not go well so as an educator you must have more than one project for the students.
ICurrio is an online tool that allows students to safely search the web that has been pulled and filtered for education purposes. It allows the children to stay organized and create folders so he/she will not lose their websites. Also is has a timeline/directory and it helps the students search by criteria.

Discovery education is a visual aid that helps the children learn each subject better especially science. It helps bring text to life, retain information by seeing the items and hearing about them. Most students pay attention to seeing things than reading and writing.

Tips for Teaching
Tips for teachers:  Being interested in learning, hard but fun,  learn most things outside the classroom, flexible and creative.

Technology-Do not teach technology, technology is for students to learn. Let each day/ week with the students using the technology and let them learn it on their own. Once you the teacher feel that the students know the material than give them a project seeing if they know how to use the proper things to complete the project.
When creating a lesson plan make sure you can cover all the necessary material. Stretch it out as a unit which is 6-8 weeks. Thinks about it as a year, week and daily plan, daily plan is different. The daily plan needs to have the students’ attention. After you have completed the daily lesson test the m to see if they are ready to go on to the next day.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Blog Post 4 Asking Questions: What questions do we ask? How do we ask?

When asking questions in the classroom it is always good to get your students involved with the questions. Yes/ no answer will never help them learn. Teachers need to ask discussion questions so that all of the children can participate. Try to get the children involved so that he/she wont feel obligated to answer a yes/no instead they can speak on the topic about how they feel about it.
As I was reading The Right Way to Ask Question in the Classroom, I noticed that leading questions should never be asked and should be avoided as best as possible. These questions should be avoided because some of the students think that it is only one answer, which it can be more than one. When asking questions in the classroom make sure the students can respond to them, asking question that the students can not answer is not helpful to the students. As educators you must take time in thinking about the questions you are asking the students and make sure that the students are able to answer them.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blog post 2

1.During the video the students never did any dancing the professor always stood behind the desk and showed demonstration of certain moves as he went through the power point. This shows bad teaching skills because if the students never see what you or doing or participate in something than they will never learn. At the end of the term Mr. Dancealot asked each student to show what they have learned throughout the course, but none of the students could show him because he did not teach them anything. No I do not agree with Mr. Danceolot conclusion because you cannot test students on something you have not shown them how to do at least once so they may attempt to try. 2. Teaching in the 21st century tells us as educators that teaching should be focused on teaching students skills that they can use on a daily basis. The skills needs to show how deal with problem solving day to day situations like homework and daily work at home. Thesis -Teaching curriculum should consist of being able to assist student with daily activities, being able to teaching technology, and mainly just basic skills. Argument- Teaching those basic skills will help each child to be able to learn more as they older and would one day want to get a professional job. Each teacher has different methods of teaching and each method is changing every day. As an educator I must come up with my own ways so that those children can learn and not get bored with my teaching. Every day is a new day and as children use the internet, face book, twitter, YouTube, etc. as an educator I must prepare them how to use technology. 3. Becoming a networker is a hard thing to do, you must be careful about what information you are considering using off certain websites because not all information on each website is true. Anybody can make a website and put information and you may think it’s true. So you will all ways need a teacher or someone to show you how thing go because they can make sure you are on the right track on becoming a good networker. 4. I love the way Vickie Davis is teaching her students. Davis is helping them learn and be open minded, showing them that it is more ways to learn than using pencil and paper. I also like that each group take turns showing the class what they have learned for the week; by doing that they are not only teaching themselves but teaching Ms. Davis also. 5. I was totally shocked when I watched the video and Elementary schools were 100% leading the race in education. I am an undergraduate and I would have thought graduate students would be leading but I was wrong I am guessing it is because the elementary schools have more technology than college students. 6. Yes flipping the classroom is new to me. I think this could save a lot of time in the classroom. All you would have to do is review the lesson and put each student into groups and discuss what the lesson was about. This would be useful and not overwhelming each day. 7. As I was reading I realized that you must have different ways to teach children not all children learn the same way. So finding new techniques and strategies on each topic, like group discussion, will help the children learn better and remember what they have learned and understand the topic more.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Practice Blog Post

My name is Arneetia J. Johnson. I am a Junior at the University of South Alabama currently seeking a profession in Elementary Education and Special Education. My dreams of becoming an educator are founded upon the principles of following in my Grandmother's footsteps. I enjoyed her passion of making children learn and smile in a certain way to where they thrived to see another day of attending school. While growing up, I admired her work so much that I am pursuing to become a teacher. That I may too be able to encourage and motivate young children to enjoy learning. As an Elementary Educator, one developes a creative lesson plan for students varying in grades K-6. The lesson plan includes topics such as English, Language, Math, Science, Social Sciences, and Reading that may draw the children to enjoy learning and carry onto the next grade level. A math plan that may be put into place may consist of breaking into groups and using flash cards along with a timer to practice speed and accuracy. The educator must also attend faculty meetings, car duty (ensure safety), summer seminars, etc to establish a loving environment for the students throughout the school year.

Blog Post 1

1. What are the things (if any) you have heard aboout edm 310? -Well since this is my first semester at the University of South Alabama, I have not heard any comments about edm 310 coming into the course. Throughout the first week of class, a fellow student mentioned that one must submit work on time as it shows responsibility and one's professionalism to comlete tasks in a timely manner. 2. What fears (if any) do you have about edm 310? -I currently do not have any fears in regards to edm 310; it is a class that I must take day by day...week by week until the end of the semester while gathering new knowledge that I may use to further expand my skill set to pursue of educator's certificate. 3. Compare and contrast edm 310 with any other course you may have taken in high school or college. - In high school, I took a technology that is similiar to edm 310. The course taught students to create online sites, posting pictures, and graphic designs. The only difference is the teacher provided students with a book of instruction rather than totally online. 4. What will be the most difficult thing in edm 310? - The most difficult aspect of edm 310 is dedicating 9 hours each week as well as completing other course work material and working. 5. What is the best way to address the "most difficult" aspect of edm 310? -The best way to address the most difficult aspect of edm 310 is to learn time management and become more organized (i.e. calender). 6. What questions do you have about edm 310? What idea do you have about how to address the questions above? - At the present moment, I do not have any further question. I am sure as the course progresses questions will arise and I will address those by emailing professor in a timely manner so that I may submit work on time.